a n a g r a m a n i c u r e exhibition

   a n a g r a m a n i c u r e

Vernissage Wednesday 31st of August from 5 to 8pm

MFA Gallery Concordia University
1395 René Lévesque W. Montreal

From August 31st to September 6th
Exhibition open from 11am to 6pm

Custom manicured anagrams by appointment or walk-in.

Videos and photographs from the action anagramanicure in Holguin and La Habana, Cuba in May 2011.

In anagramanicure I am interested in how we might re-signify the word revolution by writing its anagrams on fingernails with nail polish. Starting from the Latin origin revolutio, “a turn around” here is associated here with the turning around of letters in a word.

In Cuba, I worked with 4 manicurists and 10 individuals - 10 hands, 100 fingers, 1 finger per letter.

The participant chooses an anagram; it can be in English, Spanish or French.

The anagram is then painted on the fingernails with nail polish and the process is documented with photo and video.

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